2UP Gaming PLC acquires Streamark PLC

MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA, September 20th, 2014 - 2UP Gaming PLC is pleased to announce it has acquired 100% of Streamark PLC (UK No. 0746 2550) a video streaming provider, with proprietary leading edge technology.

This acquisition has strategic importance to 2UP as it not only provides an efficient delivery mechanism for it's 'live streaming' products but also gives an improved player experience to an ever-increasing audience using mobiles and tablets to access our gaming products.

Streamark technology has other applications and is already being used by several Telco's, TV Stations and Internet Service Providers in the EU. It's technology has been tested and approved by a major Asian Telco to manage video streams for it's subscribers no matter what the network speed, meaning even in the most remote locations where there is weak mobile internet coverage, customers are able to get streaming video content. Contract negotiations are underway to enable this Asian Telco to utilize Streamark's technology.

"With the Streamark PLC acquisition 2UP is able to enter the lucrative gaming and technology industries in emerging markets such as China and India which are keen to embrace new smart phone technologies but are still challenged with limited bandwidth", said 2UP's Director Peter Lombardo.

About 2Up Gaming PLC
2Up Gaming PLC (GXG: 2GM) is a UK based publicly listed provider of leisure and entertainment technologies and products. Through www.2UP.com customers can access a wide range of gaming, wagering and lottery products from one website.

About Streamark PLC

 Streamark develops applications based on streaming video, tracking and communications technologies for mobile telecom operators, TV network and cable operators and hardware manufacturers. Its unique live video streaming technology can be used across a wide range of handsets such as Apple, Android, Symbian, Blackberry and WinMobile, running on mobile bandwidths EDGE, GPRS, to 3G and 4G (www.streamark.com).