STK Mobile TV

What is STK Mobile TV?

Stay entertained, on any screen. You can now use your smartphone or tablet as an added screen in your home, so every family member can watch what he or she wants at the same time. Plus your TV follows you everywhere, whether you’re in a long commute to the cottage or stuck in a waiting room, your favorite shows are live and in the palm of your hand - so you’ll always be entertained.

STK Mobile TV is the flagship product of our company. Our mobile TV has been deployed with several mobile carriers (2G, CDMA and 3G) from Europe and Asia. It is a time proven product and currently it is being used by virtually millions of users across the world on most of the mobile platforms currently available.

Key features:

  • works with any mobile platform (Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Symbian, Java)
  • clients for each platform ready to be customized for your service
  • support for laptops with 3G dongle
  • dynamic allocation of streams (saves up 50% in hardware costs)
  • 24/7 re-run support
  • multiple bitrates supported (example: 64 kbps for EDGE, 128 kbps for 3G, 256 kbps for HSDPA and 512 kbps for WIFI)
  • encoding presets based on content type (example: sports channels have more fps, music channels have increased audio bitrate)
  • automatic stream bitrate selection based on network conditions
  • optional end-user billing module

Supported platforms: virtually any mobile phone or tablet capable of video streaming. This includes iPhone/iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia (Symbian) and so on.

The platform supports multiple bitrates and multiple profiles depending on the available content (for example, a sports channel will have more FPS or a music channel larger bitrate for audio).

STK Mobile TV is world's first mobile TV platform that uses dynamic allocation of streams. This basically reduces the cost of required hardware up to 50% or even more, while providing a rich content offering (more TV channels) and great service optimization (multiple bitrates).

STK Mobile TV is the right choice for your company because of the flexibility in integrating billing and service eligibility with your current infrastructure. Our team is most experienced in customizing our platform to suit your every need and make sure that your targets and requirements for the mobile TV service are met on time, without headaches and with great cost saving.

We are not simply solution integrators, we are actually builders - all platform components ranging from user management to streaming servers, distribution, client applications and integration are written by us. This gives us unique flexibility in meeting your business requirements. This also translates into great cost savings. For more information and commercial offer for this product please contact us at

Flexible business models: per month licensing scheme, shared revenue or turn-key solution one time payment.