2UP Gaming PLC - Streamark Global Expansion News Release

Streamark Global Expansion

As part of its global expansion Streamark PLC has appointed Cenron Pty Ltd as its Exclusive Agent in parts of the Middle East and African region.
Cenron Pty Ltd has extensive relationships with global telecommunication companies and content providers with over 500-million subscribers. Subsequent to this appointment Streamark PLC is in advanced contract negotiations for the licensing of its live streaming technology with major Telco companies. Streamark servers are in the process of being installed into the network of a Telco which has over 7 million existing video subscribers.

Further major announcement re this global expansion is expected soon.

About Streamark PLC
Streamark PLC (www.streamark.com) develops applications based on streaming video, tracking and communications technologies for mobile telecom operators, TV network and cable operators and hardware manufacturers. Its unique live video streaming technology can be used across a wide range of handsets such as Apple, Android, Symbian, Blackberry and WinMobile, running on mobile bandwidths EDGE,GPRS, to 3G and 4G. Streamark PLC is a fully owned subsidiary of 2Up Gaming PLC.

About Cenron Pty Ltd
Cenron Pty Ltd (www.cenronltd.com) is a trading company that manages product improvement and development issues between regions and countries. Cenron through current activities has specialist supply lines to global telecommunication and content providers.

About 2UP Gaming PLC
2UP Gaming PLC (GXG: 2GM) is a UK based publicly listed provider of leisure and entertainment products in the telecommunication, wagering and lotteries segments of the gambling industry. Through www.2UP.com customers can access a wide range of gaming, wagering and lottery products from one website.